Friday, March 6, 2009


I am so blonde, I left my cell phone on my bed this morning. My bad.
After work, I arrived home to find 18 text messages, 3 missed calls and 2 voice mails. One of the voice mails was from a missed call following up on three text messages that I didn't respond to.

Speaking of dates, I have the best one planned for this evening. The movie tavern dinner/movie with two of my home's finest little girls. They were given a choice of either Coraline or the Shopaholic. I'm here to confess that we will be watching Isla Fisher.

I had a post to post last night and actually fell asleep in my chair. We have a zillion things to do this weekend. I'm already exhausted. If you're lucky, I won't desert you again like I did last night. Forgive me. I do heart you. I really really do.

Mood: Disorganized.

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