Monday, March 2, 2009

Heavy Heart

Ugh. My dog has heart worms. The poor him has a high number of heart worms. The vet is strongly suggesting for him to stay at the vet's place for testing and treatment for a week. Cost?....yea...costly. I totally like this vet, she just took the time to sit and answer my questions by phone for a good fifteen minutes when I'm sure she had plenty of stuff going on around her.


Poor him is gonna have to be at the vet for a week and then on puppy bed rest for another 2-3 weeks. Right now, he's outside doing his daily routine of running and playing tag with the girls around the back yard.

Bless his wormy little sickly heart. Ugh.

(Pic is actual dog.)

I actually got through the discussion of Mr. Benji and his disease with my older daughter. I think the part that truly touched me was when she said very seriously and slightly upbeat, "Oh, it'll be ok, I've been praying for him."

Mood: Worried.

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