Monday, March 23, 2009

My Thoughts

  • I mowed my front yard today. Yep, just the front yard. I can't do them both in one night with homework, cooking and cleaning. Downfall to the corner lot.
  • I live surrounded by older people that pay companies to do their lawn care. I have the worst time keeping up.
  • The old people to the left, I love them to pieces, but they installed a water sprinkler system last year. My lawn isn't looking so pretty with my water well's busted pipe. Dangit.
  • I might have taken the go cart for a spin tonight. I adored seeing my girls giggling while cruising the neighborhood.
  • It might take me a really really long time to teach them how to drive that thing! So I should probably be the driver for a little long can I get away with doing that?
  • My birthday is tomorrow, I'll be 31. I've only asked for one present this year. That's it. Give cash there.
  • My little ones are in the bath and I hear that crazy Taylor Swift song playing. Dear Jarhead, I blame you. I hadn't heard that song for all of Spring Break. You've jinxed my ears.
  • We are paying cash to fix our above ground pool this year. Yea! Of course I priced a company to do the pool liner and they were offering to charge more than the liner, filter/pump system and ladder combined!
  • I'm wondering which dog will accidentally fall in first.
  • Speaking of spending cash, I went to Garden Ridge for the first time ever with my mother and kids. Oh my. That is one glorious store for the poor person. That place is cool. I venture to say its like a cleaner, organized, friendlier version of Big Lots.
Mood: Thinking.

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Jarhead said...

Sheesh. You should come over to my house. If it isn't Taylor Swift it's freakin' Katy Perry or Jason Mraz (I actually like Mr. A-Z).