Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mr. Chili's

Where do I find these guys? Sheesh, they find me.
I get a call from a friend about a guy who has a crush on lil ole me. He saw me in the last play (the one where I "acted" as a pregnant gal). I'm not sure if he's seen me before or not.

So far, I've learned from my friend that called tonight:

-Mr. Chili's works in the same town (that I live and work in)
-friend has known him from the gym for several months (works out?...hmmm.....)
-seems mentally stable (don't we all with the right medication)
-has a good job (but friend can't remember where or what)
-and is close to my age (uhh... guy is younger than me--I'm not sure what to think of that)

I might have possibly have already heard about this guy from the mother of one of my stage children. She talked of a guy with a similar description that came to the play.

Now, how is it that there is a guy out there that has a crush on kbuggie and she remains absolutely clueless? Blonde? Wait. Don't answer that....yes, she realizes she's clueless. She claim s its part of her charm.

Oh, and Mr. Chili's gets his name, thanks to friend-caller that suggests to meet the guy at Chili's as a starter to see if there is anything there. It's a possibility, but I'm not still not sure about the age thing. Its always been a rule of mine to stick with someone older than myself.

Mood: Intrigued.


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I think I'm just distracted by the possibility of chips, salsa and a margarita.