Sunday, March 1, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Artsy

This one didn't last long. Then again, neither did the last one.

OK, guy #2. What can we say about him.

Looks: Mr. Artsy is not bad on the eyes. He is 6'4", skinny, and has really really pretty hazel eyes.

Brains: Boy has brains and quick wit. Impressive. He is a graphic design artist with talent. I was very impressed with his creativity and knowledge of photoshop. I would love to know more of that photoshop thingy-a-bopper.

Personality: More of an introvert than outgoing, claims to be shy...but he wasn't extremely shy. The quick wit is hard to come by in a person and I really do believe that is something I possess and something I'd like in my other half.

Special Attribute: Cool, calm and collected.

Date: Well we didn't make it that far. We met on the computer, exchanged emails, google chatted, skpye talked and then texted back and forth. Our personalities just seemed to fit well. It's very nice to have someone "get" your sense of humor. We were toying the idea of a date a couple of weekends from now (I've got kids next weekend) but decided last night to meet for some ice cream. When we met in person we exchanged a hug right off the bat. Yum, I love hugs....his hug was perfect.
Two blizzards ordered and we chit chatted. But that's just it, there wasn't any big flirting going on. This was an odd feeling for me. I decided being flirtacious just wasn't his style. The meeting was nice, but that's just it. It was nice.

Next day: Nothing. No email, no text, no missed call. I sent him a text message stating I lost him.
He responded with 'I thoroughly enjoyed talked but just didn't get a spark.'
(He's on crack. I'm ridiculously good do you not get a spark with me?)
Honestly, he's a good guy, good heart, honest, smart and good looking. I do wish him well and hope he finds that spark he's looking for. She'll be a lucky gal and you just can't beat a relationship with someone and feeling that 'spark'. It makes everything entirely worth it.

Mood: not discouraged.

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