Wednesday, March 11, 2009

OK, Funny Story.....

I read from a book last night to my girls as I laid on the foot of their bed. I finished a chapter, lil one was asleep and big one and I started a discussion over the book. She can't wait to finish it so we can see the movie. Almost there.....
Next thing I know, it's one o'clock in the morning and my husband gently shakes my shoulder to advise me I fell in asleep in the girl's bed. He helped me up (back ached from the Jonas Brother's book Nana got them for Christmas that I had under me), walked me down the hall, I stopped to turn off lights, turn off the dryer and check exterior doors-locked. He then helped me into bed, pulled the covers over me, tucked me in and kissed my forehead. Ahhh, sweet husband.
Then, startled I said, "I didn't turn the alarm clock on." He then promised me (pretty sure it was a pinky promise) that he would turn it on.
So, I relaxed and went off to dreamy land with a smile on my face.
At 8:30 I opened my eyes to see a sleepy and confused looking kid asking me if we overslept. I (not quite awake) said kinda angerily that my husband didn't turn the alarm on like he said he would.
She looked at me even more confused with a, "Huh?"
Now, awake at this point I realized, I don't have a husband and I'm now late to work. Not the best start. Big child giggled over this on the way to school.
Mood: Now Awake.


Sabrina said...

Don't worry I have a husband and I was still late to work this morning too! It happens to the best of us!

Anonymous said...

" sored [sic] by?"

Kbuggie said...

I saw that right after....and did a...well, it kinda did "sore" by.