Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I didn't think of that....

....so I'm talking to a fan of me this weekend and it's mentioned that technically there wasn't a cut off date/time for the prize winner of my birthday present to someone.

So, we'll declare this Friday evening at 10pm as the cutoff, as far as the prize to the highest bidder goes. I asked my fan if they plan on throwing all their minimum wage to the cause, and I'm informed that they are planning to wait until Friday to see how much money they gotta put in to win. Ya know, that's not a bad idea. Friday night could get interesting.

I was ialso nformed via an email from the team captain that the top fund raiser on our team gets to wear a tiara. I'm tied for top person right now. I soooo want that tiara.

Pictured here is a cropped pic of the said bikini pic. That's the only peek you get.....unless you're the winner!! (Now, to the person that double, triple dog dared me to do this.......I feel so violated.)

Mood: Clarifying.


Sabrina said...

If that other top fundraiser knew you at all they would let you wear the tiara. After all you are the QUEEN!!

Anonymous said...

Objectifying yourself, then feeling "violated?"