Sunday, March 15, 2009

My birthday present....

......drum roll please.....

Is to give money to this organization. ***by March 28th***

A dear friend, Marty Sherman, that I cherish and look up to has MS, yet she goes on and doesn't slow down for a second. She is a wonderful mother/wife, an amazing actress, an outstanding director, and to me--a superb friend. If I could just be one tenth the person she is I would be so much better than I ever wished. Yep, she's that cool. She gets the kbuggie stamp of approval!

So, she has this MS team that I have joined to do the 5k run. I quickly learned how easy it was to join the site and help in the fund raising. This is one of those causes that is so worth it.

And for my birthday this year (March 24), I just hope and pray you will click on that donate button and give some money....even if it is $5. I would heart you so very much. No present, no wrapping, no card, just money. Your money as a group will help. I bragged about you. Come on, you don't even have to give your name if you don't want to.

**Has a sidenote.** If there are $1,000 in donations under my profile tab, then I will post a pic of me in a bikini for 30 days starting the day of the run. (And it's one hawt pic.) How's that for motivation.? To the person that gives the most, I'll give you an autographed print of me in that bikini (even if there isn't $1000.)

If you sign up to run, then I'll race ya......I'm not worried....or should I be?

Mood: Celebrating for my birffday.

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