Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Night Fun.

Every Friday Lunch I eat the same lunch at the same place and take turns with a coworker paying. That makes me happy. The waitress now knows me and knows my usual.

This week we allowed another coworker to go and that coworker went on and on and on about finances. Rich Dad. Poor Dad. Dave Ramsey. Yada. Yada.

Then again, he might have actually inspired me. I'm tired of being unorganized, unstructured and not as disciplined as I could be. (Yes, mother, I've purchased Dave Ramsey's book from itunes and will listen to Rich Dad Poor Dad after that--I'm all over it.)

Interesting thing Mr. Other Coworker said...if you have a goal and don't write it down and make plan it will not happen but will stay a wish. I used to think people like him were looney. I might be reconsidering I go to work on my bills.

Dave Ramsey. Avoid debt like the plague.

Mood: Getting organized.

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