Thursday, March 12, 2009

Upcoming birthday teaser

Go figure, I'm teasing your reading eyes yet again.

My birffday is ...... sigh....... rapidly approaching like a freight train.... and I am working on the one thing I really, really, really want for my birffday. You know who can give it to me?? YOU!! Yes, you, the wonderful people (intelligent people) that come back time and time again to read my blog. Have I told you how good you look today? Quit looking over your shoulder. Yes, you!

Too many times I have had sad birffdays where I just wanted a little recognition. A little love. A little Kbuggie celebration. I hoped others would read my little, feeble mind and make my birffday wishes come true. Not this year!

No way, Jose! I will NOT leave dreams and wishes of this great year up for chance. I will work hard this weekend to make it very very easy for you to help each other make my biggest ever birffday wish come true.

What's in it for you? My hapiness. I'm really putting myself out there on this request so I'm hoping with big piles of hope topped on top of my hope that you'll pull through. You can do it. I believe in you!!

(Now, let me not get hit by a bus over the weekend. That would be bad timing. I'll need to go ahead and reschedule that for a couple of months away. Thanks.)

My birfday isn't for another couple of weeks, so this will be an early birfday present. Stay tuned. Keep on heartin' me. I heart you.

Mood: Wishful Thinking.

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