Friday, March 27, 2009


Go Mr. Top of The Donation List for being the winner. Yep, THE winner. And not only that, unless my competition beats me while we're sleeping, I'm wearing the top fundraiser tiara. Yea!And yes, I'll run with it on my head!

Now, for the hard part: Tomorrow I get up in the early morning and run the 5k. I have learned via our team captain that I am the only registered runner for our team. We have team tshirts, I will be wearing the orange tshirt. Bright orange!

I will also be given a bandanna that has been signed by someone with MS that I will be running with. This will be the thought of me running in place of someone else that can't. That's touching. It puts a whole new perspective on running this race.

I am used to just signing up for a race and running it. This one seems to have my meaning.

So good luck to all those running, walking or cheering on tomorrow. I'm right there with ya and will be looking forward to the coffee at the end! The last race I ran gave free beer at the end.

Mood: Running Chilly

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