Monday, March 16, 2009

Dog gone....gone.

As I type this (Saturday night) our sweet poor Benji dog is scheduled to go to the vet for a week on Monday morning. So I'll schedule this post to appear for Monday morning.

The girls are going to an my brother's house for half the week and then to hang with their dad for the second half of the week. So I figure while they are gone is the best time for him to go to the vet for the week. When they all get back home they can take care of him.

His absence as man of the house will not be easy on me, for I won't have that safe warm feeling while he's gone. His backyard partner will also be lost and not have anyone to play gladiator with.

But he's getting the treatment he terribly needs, I'll visit everyday. I'll welcome him home BIG TIME when I pick his sweet little heart up.

Mood: Already missing him.

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