Saturday, April 25, 2009


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Lookie! Lookie!

She got first in her division! Way to go!! THAT is exciting. 

I better watch out, at her rate she's gonna be waiting for me at the finish lines. 

As a side note, I walked into her house last night and gave her a double look. The chic has dropped ten pounds. Nice job. It shows!! Now, how is it that I've gained? I'd whine unfair, but she looks great!! I have a feeling she's not stopping there. 

I did not place at this race. If I were an age group lower or higher I could have....there were some smoking runners in my age group. I wanna say my time was 29:45 -ish, which is not a bad time for me. There was a long slow hill against the wind for the first mile that was a little rough. I didn't want to push too hard because of my right leg and I have a long run tomorrow. I am happy with my time. Mom's was great too! We're thinking it was about 40 or 41 minutes. All in all.....good race. Luke's Locker should have the results posted online in the next couple of days.

Oh! The overall first place runner was also the runner and winner of the ultra marathon at the cow town marathon this year. I have yet to check that out, but I will. Today, the guy ran effortlessly while pushing a baby buggie. 

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