Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Fun

  • It's Good Friday.
  • A couple of decades ago in March, I was born on Good Friday. My dad won a chess tournament that same day. Dad might have gotten in trouble with mom for not leaving the tournament to help his laboring wife get to the hospital. For some reason, "I'm winning, hang on," doesn't fly too well with Mama in labor with a 9lb1oz baby (I intentionally left out beautiful). Oh yea, and back in those days---all natural, no drugs. Eek!
  • I went in to work this morning and had alone time of about five hours at my desk. I accomplished alot. I mean alot. My desk hasn't been that clean in over six months.
  • I now regret planning nothing but house work and cleaning at home for tonight. I'm kinda in the mood to shower up, look cute and get out.
  • Oddly, I'm craving a country music concert....outside, lawn chairs, in a festival kinda of way.
  • So off to Wal-mart I'll go for some supper hunting, a little browsing without kids and then home to jog, eat, watch Tvo'd survivor and put up laundry. There is never a lack of laundry in this house. Ever. (Three girls.)
Mood: Bored.

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