Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • Putting on a door is hard work.....especially if you attempt it on your own.
  • I had a guy profess his interest in me and then proceed to debate whether or not he should proceed with a relationship. What annoyed me was him assuming I was interested. I waited two days to burst his bubble and advise I was not interested.
  • Miss New Dog Mallie is a good dog, but scared of cars. I noticed a neighbor up the street has a dog just like her, they could be siblings. I never noticed that dog before. (Our sweet Mallie is prettier.)
  • My daughter has a fun run coming up and she asked if I could go run with her. I just might beg a boss or two for an extended lunch on that day. I think that would be the cutest thing ever to see!
  • I went to the shop where my bike is being worked on last night and got to drool over the prettiest heap of dirty metal ever. I can't wait to ride it!
  • My bike is a piece of junk and the ugliest color of purple I've ever seen. And I like purple. But its mine. Yes I'll be careful. Very.
  • I'll be posting a new poll next week. You're excited, right?
  • I heard more about the President's new dog from Boyd than I cared too and I don't even watch a lot of news.
  • Wasn't Obama going to adopt/rescue a dog?

Mood: Growing Tired of Moods--it's getting too hard to come up with one.

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