Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday's Thoughts

  • Today is the tax deadline. It's the big April 15th. My mom is a CPA but works for one company now. I remember many a tax seasons having an overworked, grumpy, tired mommy. Wonder if she'd switch back.
  • My taxes are generally done (by my favorite CPA) every year in February. I think I got an extension one time....can't remember, but I think that was the first time I had to pay in.
  • I heard a podcast refer to our financial crisis and "The Second Great Depression." It just sounded weird the way he said it.
  • I see it everywhere but it still seems strange to be in a depression.
  • I had a guy admit to me that he owes around $90,000 in credit card debt, he's stopped paying three or four years ago because he got tired of dealing with it. $90,000? That's a ton of money and he lives in a mobile home. I was really tempted to ask if he put his house on the credit card.
  • Daughter's fun run is Friday, we practiced the actual race path this evening. We discussed strategy on being a successful runner. I think I claimed to be an expert.
  • During the kids second supper of eating off my dinner plate (little pigs) my younger one asked me if I got so smart because I ate vegetables. Without hesitation I said yes. Without hesitation my older said, "Yea, right, didn't you see how much chocolate Mom eats?"
  • I'm feeling pretty good about Saturday's races. I'll change my mind and wonder if I lost my sanity somewhere around mile 3 or 4 of the first race.
  • During the second race I'll wonder if there was a point every that I was actually sane.
  • I'm dropping the moods. That's too much work for my brain.

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