Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Thoughts

  • My poor daughter (younger) fell off my bed and I had the worst time not giggling. I'm pretty sure she didn't see me restraining my was funny....straight up America's Funniest Home Videos Funny.
  • My older daughter bailed to get the ice, without even being asked. Little nerd was giggling it up in front of the icebox. Unfair.
  • I couldn't decide Friday between a 15k race or my scheduled long 12 mile long run. I did the training run. I chose not to do the race. I probably could have done ok, but I'm glad I stuck to the training.
  • I think exercising first thing sets the tone for how the day's diet will go. I eat better if I've exercised. If I exercise last then I spend the day thinking, oh its ok if I eat this ten pounds of chocolate...I'll make up for it later tonight when I work out.
  • The tune up on my bike went well. It had been sitting for a long time and there was reason for concern on what would be involved in getting it running.
  • Next on the bike agenda will be new tires, chain and sprockets.
  • Is sprockets plural or singular?
  • It's gonna be a while before I'm actually up and running on that thing. It takes money to get it running and we run a tight budget around here.
  • My double fake husband needs to get a job, I swear! I'm pulling the weight for all of us.
  • I have two photo gigs coming up, but they are weddings and won't be until June. (Hello electric bill gettin' paid up in here.)
  • I'll appreciate those gigs when I'm sitting in an AC controlled house....enjoying the AC.
  • Happy Monday.

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