Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts

  • Today I actually heard a woman ask another woman if she should check the ham in her fridge. I really hope she was kidding, but by the blank stare she received in response I'm not sure she was.
  • Slumber party in four nights. Keep me in your thoughts. Please?
  • Frankly, my house is nowhere near the level of clean that it needs to be.
  • No one ever uses the word frankly anymore. I like that word.
  • I have a workout video that I've been trying to master. Never have I ever felt more "white" than standing in my living room trying to replicate "the booty roll". So embarrassing and yet so impossible.
  • That video is called the The Booty Beat by Flirty Girl Fitness. And no, I don't have a "pole" in my house.
  • Seriously, don't believe me? I'll prove it.
  • (Note to self: hide the stripper pole.)
  • Murder? Insanity? Death? What could cause all that?
  • I spent too much time playing with this website instead of cleaning last night. I'm a bad mommy....yet I'm in love. It's kinda cool to add that to the good ole twitter.
  • Wait. I cooked, signed stuff (unsure what I agreed to), watched the Disney shows....and cleaned up after supper.
  • Supper is another good word I like.
  • (Second note to self: go to bed...)
  • Happy Tuesday.

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