Friday, April 10, 2009

Early Morning Thoughts

  • I'm behind in my blogging. Its been a busy week.
  • I have a crazy race day coming up next week that I have a feeling I'm going to regret. I signed up for a 5k to run as part of a team and my mother will run her first 5k in a long time there. I also decided to run the 10k that starts an hour and half before the 5k. I'm starting to rethink that.
  • I am working today for a little while to get payroll done. I could soooo go back to bed right now.
  • I'm actually fixing to jump on the elliptical for a little bit to get it out of the way. Its too early for something like that.
  • I'm also taking new dog to vet for check up. She's still doing really well at home and continues to impress me with how behaved she is.
Blogging time up--where's my sneakers?

Mood: Groggy.

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