Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ranger's Game

.....was great!

A very cool friend gave me four tickets with AWESOME seats. We were row 15 behind home plate. With my bad eyes, we were close enough that I could see. That made me all sorts of happy.

Two home runs while we were there annnnd they won. Of course, they won because we ate a hot dog. If we hadn't of eaten that hot dog they would have lost. They can thank me with an autographed team picture.

I decided a baseball game or any sporting event is probably the best place to find cute guys. Uhh....they were everywhere.

We were about ten rows behind three frat boy type guys that were comical. Very comical.

A lady in the next section over got hit on the head by a foul ball that bounced off the section above us, hit here and then wound up a few rows in front of us. If I had caught that ball I would have given it to her. Or I would have debated it......

Mood: Salty.

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