Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday's Thoughts

  • I like Wednesdays. Wednesday equals out to sleeping in will occur in three mornings and counting.
  • I announced I'm going to train for a marathon and stepped on the scale to get an idea of what my starting weight will be. I think my whole body slumped when I saw how much I weigh. Sigh.
  • I ran four miles outside and two miles inside. I have always claimed the treadmill is harder than the road. During the last mile I was tired. I started considering slowing down to a walk when my younger kid popped up and gave me a thumbs up, huge goofy smile and a "way to go go...." That was all I needed.
  • I like the mapmyrun website. It's pretty nifty. I get to map out runs, figure the distance and save them for future use and share them if I choose.
  • I already have one friend on mapmyrun. I'm not alone.
  • I'm pretty positive I'm gonna qualify for the Boston Marathon at my San Antonio Marathon.
  • If you just spit out your coffee with a burst of laughter after my last statement, then I give you a "I beg your pardon! That was NOT necessary."
  • OK, maybe Boston is a little out of my reach at the moment. Maybe someday it will be. Maybe.
  • I'm trying to throw some mental motivation around my frequented areas....desk, bedroom, mirrors, car..... constant reminders should keep me on track.
  • I was worried about my right leg yesterday. I had a bit of a painful limp going on. Today it feels great.
  • I moved the treadmill to my bedroom in front of the tv. There was no way I was gonna be able to survive running in the garage any longer. That's just cruel.
  • I'm still disappointed over my weight. I'll weigh again in two weeks and see if there is any improvement.
  • Now go clean up that coffee off the computer screen.

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