Monday, April 13, 2009

Creative Bunny

The Easter Bunny left gifts at my house once again yesterday. Since it was raining outside, the Easter Bunny hop, hop, hopped around the house and left a bunch of eggs filled with candy, money and even a couple of eggs with clues. (We love mysteries.)
The clues led each of the girls from one location in the house to the next. The first couple of clues were fairly simple: go to the dog food bag for your next clue, go to the trash bag box for your next clue....but then they got a little harder and turned into riddles instead of clues. Lil one's read: your gift is in a place that gets hot, but only after you tell it to. And it only stays hot for as long as you tell it to. The moment the light bulb clicked on in her head was pretty funny. She paced in the kitchen thinking seriously and intently, then suddenly turned towards the microwave in almost a soldier turn sort of way and her eyes just lit up!

Older one's was a little easier, I named a memory (pic) that was on a book shelf. It took her a couple of minutes but she got it. She had to go through the same clues to get to hers that her sister did. She giggled when she realized all of her clues were very very near where she walked and helped her sister through.
All in all it was fun to watch them work together and follow all the rules: 1.) must work together 2.) no opening eggs till all are found 3.) K's clue gets read first and then L can start on hers after K finds her gift. 4.) everything gets split down the middle, candy and money. 5.) must hug mom.

Mood: GO!!

PS No story is complete without a blonde ending.....I almost gave away K's spot. I was cooking dinner while they were searching and almost opened the microwave in front of them during their egg search to warm something up....eep!!
Oh, and no bunnies were harmed in the making of the Egg Hunt/Gift Search 09.

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