Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday's Thoughts

  • OK, I didn't go on a road trip. I will take Jarhead's suggestion at some point. That place looks incredibly beautiful and too refreshingly peaceful to pass up. I'll post back with a report when accomplished.
  • Instead of sneaking off, I did a ton of yard work Friday and then went to a play on Saturday. I am so fascinated with this theatre but I'm unsure about their next play: it warns of nudity. I would never go see something like that....would I?
  • I was going to go with my favorite gay friend but he bailed on me last minute. The Man's stomach cancer got in the way of going with me. Since I was being blessed with the best hair day ever and had already purchased my ticket...I went anyway.
  • I still have a ton of yard work to do even after doing a ton.
  • I discovered at the play and other places over the last couple of weeks that cigarette smoke leaves me with a stopped up nose and a headache for a good 18 hours. As an ex-smoker I can smell that out from a mile away.
  • It's Monday and will be so all day. This Monday though is nice. I did my time sheets on Friday. It was so worth it. It's really really nice going in to work knowing I'm on the winning side of the work battle.
  • I'm debating about posting on my latest dating trauma.....if it can be called that. Ugh. No, I really mean...uuggh. I'm starting to really dislike men.
Mood: Mostly pleasant.

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