Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oedipus Rex....

performed at The Stone Cottage Theatre in Addison, TX. I took in the show on Saturday (last night).

It was pretty good. It warns of violence, but it wasn't too bad. Of course, this theatre isn't the place you would take your kids to, but I wasn't offended by any violent outbursts.

There is one weekend left to enjoy this play. If you want to get out and see a different kind of play, let me suggest, strongly, you go see this one.

There are three cast members that play different roles and do so fantastically. To understand what I mean by that you have to just go see it in person. They made a choir of three (no singing) that tell a story but do so in such perfect sync with one another in that their movements truly are dance like. Then to turn around and portray a completely different character in the next scene was incredibly impressive. The total cast was six.

It was fantastically done. It puts Greek mythology on stage in a way that, I (the blonde one) can understand it. The creativity really impressed me. Read up on Oedipus Rex first, it'll help.

Inappropriately accompanied is a picture of my very own GPS. In the last week I've gotten lost/confused/mislead twice in the metroplex. One of these days I will get some form of a GPS. I'm holding out for the Iphone fairy to leave one at my door.

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