Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

  • April the 10th was a very good day! Tall, tan, handsome....
  • I closed one eye and looked closely through the star on my windshield, chuckled to myself, took my camera phone out, snapped a pic, giggled with delight....slowly looked to my right and the car next to me, very good looking guy, was looking at me as if I was on some sort of drugs. Priceless ending to that story would have been to snap a pic of him, smile and drive away under the green light.
  • Was that one of those moments/pics that I was probably the only one to appreciate?
  • Don't answer that. I've learned not knowing the truth is sometimes better.
  • How about that pig/swine flu...errr....H1N1 virus? We went from a big deal of a handful of kids in New York with suspected cases of the virus to how many? 8 to 75 in a couple of days?
  • I heard one of the guys walk by my desk, get coffee, turn around and say, "Damn Pig Flu." (Pause ten seconds with a Hmph response from me.) Then he walks away saying, "End of days. End. Of. Days."
  • Ebay is just a vehicle. The Hand of God was up for auction.
  • My ankles have swollen up bigger than Dallas last weekend Fri-Sun, better Mon and this morning was great....just before lunch..swollen. Tonight....actually starting to hurt. End of feet. End. Of. Feet.
  • My left always swells after treatment, but right now my right is eewwy mushy and bigger than the left.
  • I don't think its the jogging.
  • Have anyone ever mentioned how boring the treadmill can be? (......even in front of the tv.) Now if I had a computer attached to the treadmill....I'd have a fabulous time.
  • Off to find an ice pack and elevate some feet.
  • Happy Hump Day. Happy. Hump. Day.

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