Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random Weekend Thoughts

  • I've finally come to accept the fact that our cat, Mr. Fluff, is missing in action for good. I'm giving our bag of cat food to the neighbors for their cats.
  • My six year old and ten year old each had a friend spend the night.
  • There is a big difference between six year old girls, ten year old girls and adult girls. They argue differently, they play differently and they think differently. But when it comes to chocolate, we're all the same.
  • We took the go cart around the neighborhood this morning. I'm not sure what the neighbors think of that, but it was fun. I had a rough time letting go of the wheel and letting the big girls go alone.
  • I actually asked my old lady neighbor if she wanted a ride in the go cart. She looked tempted. I think she only said no because her Pomeranian dog was barking at it.
  • I'm wearing my favorite outfit, t-shirt, shorts, light jacket and knee high socks.
  • My mother came over last night and I beat her in cards. If you could understand how good she is, you would know what a mighty triumph that is.
  • I let the little girls sleep in my bed so they could watch tv which left me sleeping in the recliner. I slept great.
  • I slept great until the little friend woke up crying at 3am homesick. I think I promised truckloads of chocolate and barbies if she would go back to sleep.
  • I can't decide if I want to retreat to my mother's house for the night for more cards and a run on her treadmill or if I want to stay here and finish painting my bedroom door.
Mood: Happy weekend.

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