Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meet Mallie

Mallie is the newest dog of our collection. I think I swore I was done "getting dogs" after the last one. This time, I mean it. No more dogs! She was found around my workplace and had been there for about a month. She kept getting skinnier and skinnier. She was also going inside the shop which is not safe when there is welding inside. So, home with me she went.

Mallie is some sort of huskey or malamute mix. She goes to the vet on Tuesday for a checkup and to see if the vet can give us more info. She'll also get heartworm test, rabies shot and possibly fixed.

Speaking of......see Benji behind her? Yep, he likes her. In fact, he likes her so much, he spends half his day liking her. He obviously feels great since the treatment he went through.

Mood: oK-9

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