Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Thoughts

  • I completely screwed up the 10k this weekend. I’m so mad at myself for that. I will find another one, but I wanted to do that one.
  • I did make the 5k and it was a crowded run. Very crowded.
  • I had signed up as part of a team from work and never saw one person from work. I waited, per email, to meet ahead of time and didn’t see anyone.
  • They always announce for walkers to start at the back and let the runners start towards the front. I wasn’t too far from the starting line in the pack.
  • I swear there was a baby buggie blockade with a row of mom’s walking and little babies holding pinkie’s at the very start of the line.
  • The entire race felt like I was running elbow to elbow.
  • A crowded race slows me down. My time was 29 minutes and something.
  • My mom ran the race. She ran the entire race. Go mom!!!
  • Her time was ten minutes faster than she thought it would be.
  • I waited near the finish line to cheer her on and had the biggest surge of pride seeing her running.
  • I love cheering people on.
  • After the race I still went home and took my huskey on our 7 mile jog.
  • I got up at six this morning and did the elliptical machine. I feel pretty good about myself.
  • Tonight is a rest day. No running scheduled.
  • Next race is this weekend in a small town. Another 5k.
  • I’m bumping my running up from 20 miles a week to gradually getting to 30 miles.
  • I am now officially on a marathon training schedule. Wish me luck. I’ll give more details later.
  • I didn’t run yesterday because my legs are so sore and cramped. I’m pretty sure I did not drink enough water over the weekend.
  • The pain in my legs woke me up at three am this morning. They still hurt.

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