Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Compromised Activity

I finally get organized financially....mostly.....and I get this letter from my bank that has all my automatic payments coming out of it:

Dear Yadabank Customer,

Yadabank recently learned that a security breach has occurred involving the credit and debit card payment processor used by a merchant where you recently may have used your Yadabank Banking Card. This security breach could have resulted in unauthorized use of your Yadabank Banking Card. To our knowledge, no personal information including your PIN was compromised.

New Yadabank Banking Card

A new Yadabank Banking Card has been issued.......


Mr. Yada L. Yada
Executive Vice President
Director, Yadabank Client Services

Dear Mr. Yada L. Yada,

That sucks.


Ms. Kat Aka Kbuggie
Somewhere Out There

I've had the same card for at least two years now. Its been washed, sat on, dropped, tossed, chewed, swiped, abused.....I'm not ready to part with it. You can't even see the numbers on it. That's how great it is!

Mood: Worn out.

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Jimmy said...

I hear ya! I had to get a new card, but I liked my old one. I even memorized the numbers (yes, I can remember SOME things). So, they send me a new card and it took me a while to change all the things that I had automaticaly charged to it. So what did I do next????? I went off and left it in an ATM machine!!!!! And had to get ANOTHER new card and start all over!!!!

Guess I had a blonde moment... Or ultra blonde (gray)