Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cabin Fever

I. Must. Get. Out. Of. This. House.

The workplace started late and the bosses went in at rumor tells me.

I for one am stuck home cause I ain't got nobody to watch my offsprungs. I could take them back up there with me, but they tend to get restless fast in that break room.

Poor kids. Since their rooms have been so messy, they first got grounded from the computer. Day two of messy messy rooms and lack of tv is now added to that list. I warned the wii is the next to go. After that, I will start assigning tedious cleaning projects....scrubbing floors, sweeping garage....

My quest for a clean home will not be met with resistance. I shall stand tall and overcome this battle!!!

Ok, I promise I will not eat anymore peanut butter cookies.

Well, at least no more for today.

Mood: Cooped

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