Saturday, January 31, 2009

Long jog.

Days like this are awesome. I endured a long jog today that I needed very badly. It was incredible. I did however wear my ankle brace because that wii fit has made it sore. It'll be fine.

During my jog I came across some things that made me smile and I soooo wish I had my camera on me during those moments!

1.) Four boys playing war around a house in the front yard. I actually slowed down to a walk just to watch the events transpire. One boy was planted with his back to a tree hidden from the other boys view. He sat patiently as the other three slowly emerged from the side of the house trying hard to tip toe and looking around for him. He waited for just the right moment before jumping out and tagging two of them. The last one actually tagged him. I'm assuming tag is the right word...they each had buzzers that went off. It was great. My timing couldn't have been more perfect.

2.) The middle aged guy taking the keg from the minivan to the garage. I'm positive he was getting ready for tomorrow's fooseball party....but still, he made me giggle because he had the hat on backwards. Funny sight.

3.) The whole family that said hi. The cutest being the little girl. I'm sure they have their problems, but one boy: five-ish on bike, girl: eight-ish on scooter, lil girl: four-ish-on bike with training wheels, mom and dad holding hands with oversized poodle on a leash. Each and every member said hi, the littlest girl had a genuine big smile on her face when she said hi. Even the dog gave a lil yelp...I translated it to be a friendly hi since he was wagging his tail in such an excited manner.

4.) Double weeping willow trees made me decide that they are very pretty in the winter or summer and I'm gonna plant a couple in my yard.

5.) The cute guy that checked me out and gave me an approving how you doing look. I appreciated that......I blushed and felt a little embarrassed.

Mood: Pretty good.

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