Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Last week and yesterday was so busy I let one payroll deduction slip through the crack, so I went in today to get it done since the main office was still operating. I'm glad I went in, I had a few emails that needed action on my part. That would have made tomorrow even hecticer. Hectic-er. I'm sure that's a word.

The girls enjoyed mama's work, as always. The guys usually tease them. Today one of the guys gave them a dollar each for the snack machines. The girls were very excited. I also arrived to find a big cinnamon roll on my desk from one of the guys. I nibbled a little piece. Oh my...that was good. I handed it over to the girls.

Another temptation was one of the guys trying to offer me a bag of m&m's. I'm starting to wonder if there is a betting pool somewhere on who can get me to cave. Good thing they don't know about my love for Dairy Queen blizzards.....you won't tell will you?

Mood: Defrosting

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