Thursday, January 29, 2009


........on the wound.

I consulted with professional help today......and the verdict is: I was wrong. So wrong. It really is the Baby Daddy's weekend. Well, that sucks. Its bad enough that I was looking forward to this weekend with the girls and even worse that I was wrong about him being wrong. That, my dear, is wrong. Just wrong. And even more depressing. Great. Thanks.

Play practice tonight. The girls are excited because they are taking their costume possibilities for the director to look at. Me? I left my freakin play book at the office. I'm a failure. Tonight we are off book so technically its a good thing that I forgot my book, but I'm unsure of my cues. I will at some point get hollared at. Eh. She still loves me. I think. Heck, I hope.

Definition of off book: Off book is when the actors must have their lines memorized and be able to maneuver through the scene without their book.

Right now I'm listening to November Rain by Bon Jovi on my itunes in the background. Sigh.

All right... now for a little web surfing to see if I can come up with something strange to give you while I'm out practicing so you can truly ponder of my sanity.

Mood: Unsure.

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