Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Ice Storm,

Welcome to Wise County, Texas. It would please me to no ends if you would make yourself at home. In honor of your expected arrival we closed our schools. We also threw dirt upon bridges from the back of a pickup truck as part of a ceremonious blessing for you.

Not that I'm one to complain about sticking to a schedule, but you did arrive a little on the late side. I had hoped your presence would have been felt stronger much sooner than the 20th hour of this day. I mean, we closed the schools and the roads didn't really start to get bad until around the 15th hour.

At any rate, eagerly we accept you into our humble existence and it is my hope that we treat you well. Just please, don't feel it necessary to over extend your stay. According to the schedule you are to leave upon the awakening of the sun. Our school, according to their website, demands the attention of my offspring at the tenth hour tomorrow.

Be swift along your journey and take with you our love to your next destination.

Mood: High on peanut butter cookies

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