Sunday, January 25, 2009

Takebacks allowed?

I might have been a little harsh in my movie review. It's semi possible I might be taking my own personal angry out on a poor defenseless movie.

I'll rethink that review and try again after a jog.

Just got home from parents. Church was good. It was good for my heart. Class was pretty interesting. Lunch after was delicious. After we both made purchases toward our health. Mom's was planned, mine was on the spot. I saw an item I've really really really wanted and they had so many and they were on sale.....I'm a weak, weak person, with an emptied out savings.

Pause for thinking.....

Still worth every penny.....I'll disclose later this evening.

For now, I only have an hour or so to jog before little girls come bursting through the door. They are normally "starving and haven't eaten all weekend.....(my kids have one healthy appetite.)

Mood: Encouraged.

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