Sunday, January 25, 2009


OK, movie review second thought...

...I don't take back the sub par acting or predictability but it wasn't too horrible. I think I put robbed for the mood and I'm not sure there was any movie out there that would have left me really really happy. I went alone and felt....alone.

The movie I wanted to see wasn't at that theater, but I love love love the movie tavern. I just adore eating greasy eggrolls, drinking a margarita, and sitting in a leather executive chair. Now not every Movie Tavern is that nice. The one in Bedford TX just happens to be nicer than others I've been to.

I should really broden my horizons and venture out. I'll do that eventually. Right now I'm pleased that I accomplished that small feat. I'm not sure I've ever ever been to a movie by myself before. That was a first. I'm sure I'll have plenty more firsts along the way.

Mood: Not completely robbed, I mentioned the food, margarita and chair.....(Seinfeld reference..kinda)

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