Friday, January 30, 2009


It's always good to have choices. This weekend, without kids...ick..., I have invites to places. I also have a personal agenda on a to-do list. Its that list of meant to's and also wanted-to's. So, I've moved up to busy happy gal.
Also, weekend time is weigh in time. As of last week, I lost 8 pounds. That's a lot for four weeks! I'm not sure this week is going to be much of a help, but I'm pretty sure I didn't gain any. I had trouble on the ice day keeping my appetite under control.....have you ever seen that commercial with the "hungry" on it? #1 I think hungry is cute as can be. #2 I giggle every single time I see the temptress sit on the couch with the laptop in lap and him sit down next to her, open the box of pizza and move a hand around as if the pizza were a laptop and he were typing. Yep, not only am I drop dead gorgeous; I'm simple minded and easily amused. I like those three qualities about myself.
Back to busy...lunch's time over and I need to get logged stuff filed and off my desk before the timesheets fly in.

Mood: Friday good.

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