Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kids home.

Yea! I made it through the weekend. I'm still alive and didn't sit on the floor with a box of tissues (at least not for more than thirty minutes at a time.)

Jog was incredible. I was shocked on how far I went and not walking. It felt great...well, not counting the asthmatic moment I'm still feeling two hours later.

My best moment today was mother asking me specifically how much weight I'd lost because she could tell by looking at me that I had. Mother isn't typically one to fill ya full of fluff, so I appreciated that comment. It made me feel like I was getting somewhere.

After church, after lunch, we went to Sams to get the treadmill she wanted. We walk in and they've got the silly wii fit for eighty bucks. I stopped dead in my tracks. If I got that it would come out of my savings account. What did I do? Yep, I hit it...I sooo hit it! Excited and feeling guilty all at the same time. Next wii splurge will be the Mario Cart. I've heard fantastic reviews. I'm not sure they are super excited over the Petz game I got them last. Surprised they're not all over it but...Mario, they'll love.

I also brought home the eliptical machine from my Dad's office building.

Speaking of....Dad looked terrible today. I'm not sure that heart of his is ticking quite like it should. This is one of those times when his stubbornness drives me crazy.

Kids home makes me happy. Their dad failed to mention (as if we ever speak) that little one threw up last night. I somehow feel that is pertinent information. Maybe its just me...but I feel like that could be worth mentioning. She still claims she doesn't feel good, but she did eat dinner.

Speaking of kids, I'm getting kicked off the computer...older one demands some surfing time. Which means, I need to get up and finish cleaning up after dinner. More later....they gotta go to bed sometime.

Mood: Distracted.

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