Thursday, January 29, 2009


Whew. We made it through the entire play.

Now here was the different part.....

At rehearsal tonight, we had people in the audience reading the play. All the actors were to do their parts without speaking. It was the oddest practice ever. BUT it was fantastic. We actually got through the whole play.

Now between the second and third acts the director calls everyone to the stage to discuss the last scene. Here is where I had THAT moment as THAT mother. It was fifteen or twenty after nine and we had previously set the time to stop rehearsals at nine.....unless anyone has any objections, then..... at that moment everyone was so wishy washy on whether to proceed, call in another practice tomorrow night, start where we left off on Monday....I was having the worst time reading i through out the....well, I'm not griping, but tomorrow is test day for kids. Of course, my dumb self, I forget half those kids are all home schooled kids.

So, on we went. It was just after ten when we got, I will say it was worth it to get through the entire play with the whole cast there....minus a couple of field hands that have minor non speaking parts. It felt better.

It was the weirdest feeling to act your part and not say your part. It was hard not to do the silent bobble head character while someone else was reading all the lines.

So, folks, there is the boring post on play practice tonight. Oh, except I failed to mention the stage children are fantastic. I'm very proud of their behavior back stage (its hard doing the hurry up and wait thing) annnd, their acting is wonderful. go kids!

The play opens in two weeks. I'll be posting info soon. And yes, I DEMAND your presence. See? I demanded and so it will be. Don't make me cry....I'll contract the hiccups again.

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