Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I got rid of my hiccups...although I wouldn't be surprised if they came back. I think for the first time in my life I sneezed and hiccuped at the same time. That's harsh.

I like to play a game with twitter. I start with someone I know and see how far I can get before I hit a twitterite with protected updates. It's like a maze. Yep, that reason #48 that makes me weird.

I'm on a mailing list for a director and I get a mailing every time they have auditions and open new shows. They have the oddest craziest stuff. I just received the latest mailing for their newest show. I think I'm actually gonna go see it in a couple of weeks. Just the thought is something to look forward to. I love theater.

Speaking of...tonight is last chance to get cleaned up. Tonight's play rehearsal didn't get canceled but it will be concentrating on a scene that I'm not in. So tonight I'm off and we received an email saying we will not be practicing on Friday night as feared due to the icy weather.

Off to clean little girls rooms....I'm scared. Very. Scared.

Mood: All napped up.

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