Tuesday, January 20, 2009


is sneaking back up a little too quickly.

Now any week my girls go to their dad's I don't look forward to the time away. I know little girls need their father's influence in their lives...mine still raise an eyebrow at me. My girls are also very lucky to have him so involved in anything they do. I might mention that it shouldn't be "lucky", it should just be. I know of situations where dad's are only involved where they are forced to be involved...and that just sucks. Yes, for the sake of argument I'll admit that there are mom's that do the same thing. At any rate...the point is...this week my previous activities will cease and desist immediately....... which makes me just not look forward to the weekend that much more.

This weekend...it's all about me. Well, and the dogs...and the cat. I might even throw in a another box of Kleenex or two.

Mood: Sore nose.

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