Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday night jog

started out with high hopes. The air was warm and the breeze was slight. It was just enough of each. Perfect.

Here we go up the hill from my house and the sky is just pretty. Stop at the stop sign. Beautiful. I take a deep, its-all-good-thought, and get a nice inhaled whiff of....Mexican food. Nice. Shoulders fall and I carry on.

I head down to the end of my road where I love how the sky looks upon the Church. I took that picture at the church with the sun setting behind it a couple of years ago. Except tonight, there was a funeral there. Made me a little sad.

I jogged around, through the schools to the end of the road where business 380 pops up. I've now gone a little over two miles. I decide I'll go up to the bank and back.

Of course running up Bus 380 with light slipping away is a little tough...I felt night blind and very nervous. So I turned down a side street thinking it would loop around to the sheriff's office and back to my road.


It led straight up to the water tower.....a fine fine fine water tower, if you ask me.....and there I stood at the top of my town at very near night time. It was beautiful.
Back home I must go.

I had no idea on far away I was. I ended up over by the freeway intersection and realized the wind was picking up.

Basically the whole way home I had the opportunity to experience the cold front coming in, the wind picking up and not being able to see a thing. I could have stepped on a spider or something.

Almost home and finished with two pod casts....I come across a series of songs that made me whimper and then cry. The last 1/2 mile was cold, wind against me and sad songs in my ears.
I ran hard and fast to get home.

I ate my TV dinner, answered the phone to a telemarker...made her mad enough to hang up on me (bonus points for that) and now I type a long boring story that will probably (and deservedly) not get read the whole way through by anyone.

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