Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crazy Day Today

Not a bad day. We slept in a bit. Ahhh.....

...Yesterday they brought me breakfast in was poking them!

My afternoon went a lil crazy with a quick road trip of curiosity.

The girls both have their bff's over to spend the night. The first one out was my lil one. It had to be someone! Next, and nowhere close behind was her bff. The other two? Well, I heard thumping and giggling about five minutes ago.

I always feel obligated to stay up with them until everyone is asleep and tucked in nice and tight. But its now 2:00am, I think I'm more obligated to not falling asleep during church service tomorrow.

I'm screaming uncle and heading to my bed to see if there is any room for me. If not, then it's a Netflix movie on demand in the lazy chair.

Wish me luck.

I'm working on adding more to this little blog. My twitter and weight loss tracker are the two I'm interested in so far. Next it would be a miracle if I could merge my other blog and this one together as one powerful force....or just one blog. Either way.

Yawn. Off to search high and low for a spot to rest my leary head.

Night-Nite sweet blogger world. I snuggling up with ya.

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