Monday, January 26, 2009


Fun with the wii while its cold outside.

I like that wii fit. I would love it, but I'm fairly certain it mocked me.

I did the rhythm game....which is a lot harder than it looks. I started out with the easy one and got good enough to unlock the harder one. Then they throw in this clapping bit on top of the complicated stepping around moves. Hey I was raised Church of Christ....I feel lucky to even move in the first place much less clap at the same time.

So naturally the first time I do the advance one, I screw up. It had to stop three times to tell me to keep up with the other mii's. Then at the end of the segment, all the mii's swayed slowly back and forth with their head's hung in shame with slow sad music. Hey! That was just uncalled for! Cracked me up, yes...but uncalled for.

Back to the next set....I'm sooo keeping my fingers crossed it ices tomorrow. I love my job and workplace, but there is something about enjoying an ice day. This is Texas, we get teased with bad weather every once in a while...come on, bring it on. I even grocery shopped today...

OH! PS. The next time I don't have kids....I'm breaking out the alcohol and playing the wii. Wait....brain wheel are asleep...hmmm...

Mood: Hopeful.

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