Thursday, January 22, 2009


I process time sheets at work on Fridays for the next week’s payday.

Today an employee called in sick promising to go to the doctor and then called back advising the direct deposit did not go through.

Yikes! My initial fear was wondering if I did something wrong. After consulting with the main office payroll department we have learned that the bank made a boo-boo and the direct deposits won’t hit banks until tomorrow. It wasn’t my fault.

The sweetest part was the same employee’s wife was worried about me and what they could do for me. Ahhh….that was very nice. (He’s a hard worker and has the sweetest wife in the world.) I’m all good and this won’t really effect me at all. I typically don’t do my financial stuff till the following Monday evening. It was just the thought that someone in a position of not having something they rely heavily on to be on time….was more concerned with me.

Maybe I haven’t lost complete faith in people. There’s a good chance there are caring people out there.

Mood: Relief

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