Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gran Toriono

I went out to see the new Clint Eastwood movie, Gran Toriono. I'm not sure I was that impressed with it. I'll admit, I was curious over exactly how the ending was going to take place, but I pretty much followed what the intent of the scene was going to be.

I wasn't impressed with the acting either. I'm now curious as to the budget of this film......and yes, Mr. Director, I could have done better. Throw me in a movie...I'll show ya. I guess just watching the movie there were some actors that just didn't leave me feeling they were that character. That can ruin a movie for me.

I did catch by checking imdb that there is a certain Scott Eastwood who goes by Scott Reeves.
I still feel like going off more on the acting particularly his....or lack thereof, but I'm too tired.
I was squeamish over all the derogatory comments that Clint Eastland's character used.

I think my most shocked moment was realizing the party of four behind me had "snuck" their own beer into the theater. Yep, canned beer. If it wasn't bad enough they talked through nine-tenths of the movie, the younger female had a five minute phone conversation over what so-so three trailers over did last weekend. (I kid you not.)

At the end of the movie, I hem-hawed around (couldn't help it) to get a good look at them. If they did leave behind the pop topping evidence can you guess which beer that brought?

I also happen to occupy the next stall in the bathroom....I will withhold the replay of that conversation. And, yes, you're welcome.

Movie Review: The acting did not measure up to the traditional standards of performance that I am accustomed to and the events that unfolded felt too predictable throughout most of the movie.

Mood: Robbed.

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