Tuesday, December 29, 2009

6 Things I never regret doing

1. Correcting the way my kids use the English grammar.
     This barely made the list. My little girl corrected my English grammar the other day. 

2. Giving my girls hugs, kisses and encouragement.
     Please, please, please let my parents wish of me having children that grow up to be just like me not come true. Please? I don't ask for much......errr, well....too much.

3. Smiling when I don't want to.
     If you've seen me cry, it's not a pretty sight. At. All.

4. Saying nothing when I really want to say alot.
     I talk a lot, ALOT. I've been that way my whole life. It's a gift (or a curse if you're stuck having to listen.) Every now and then I hold back when I really want to speak my mind.

5. Making my own decisions.
     It's good to be an adult. My little girl asked if I would be a kid again. My answer? Not a chance. 

6. Hoping for the best.
     I'm a girl. Aren't I supposed to do that and plot evil at the same time?

7. Eating Chocolate. 
    Wait. I said six didn't I? Shoot....remind me to put over talking on my list of regrets too.

There ya go.
For now. 

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