Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Several Days of Thoughts

  • I have started daily thoughts three time now and didn't finish them. I'm almost tempted to just copy and paste into one post and label it multiple partial thoughts, but I'm afraid I'd really look ADD. (not that there's anything wrong with that)
  • I got the new HTC Sprint Hero Phone with the Android Operating System. This is going into week two and I like it/am frustrated with it. I'm not ready to declare my ultimate love or hatred with it just yet.
  • There's so much about it that I love that the iphone didn't do and then again, there's some things I actually miss about the iphone.
  • I think the hardest thing to let go of as far as the iphone is concerned is the fact that I was used to the iphone. It was hard to make a switch from something I was very used to. I like things to be the same.
  • Speaking of liking things to be the same...don't get me started on the new purchasing program I have to start using.....or the new payroll book I have to start using after I had the last one to my semi-liking....and all of this during a three day work week before I'm off for a week.
  • Christmas was good in my little world. Christmas was very good. It was strange and drawn out just a bit thanks to a snow storm, but I got to enjoy it with the ones I love. 
  • My brother got stuck in that snow storm on the way back from Abilene going down I20. He almost made it to Clyde.....in three hours. He finally gave up and got a hotel (on Christmas Eve). I almost felt bad for him and the kids...but his kids got to jump on the bed, watch tv, giggle and know that the presents and turkey would still be waiting when they got to my house. 
  • By the time he got to my house, we were really ready for some turkey and presents and his kids were really ready to finally get to play in the snow that they had been staring at for two days. 
  • Monday there was still a snowman in my front yard. I'm amazed that it lasted that long.
  • We're supposed to get snow again today? Haven't we had enough? I mean, really....this is Texas, we're only supposed to get snow in March or July, December.
  • I'll be on a plane flying Friday. I'm not a very good flyer. The person next to me gets the pleasure of one of three different things from me: (A) My hand squeezing their's just short of breaking a bone. (B) Me silently crying or (C) The worst....a combination of A and B mixed with something going in "The Little Convenience Bag" that is typically inside every pouch located at the back of every seat. 
  • Knowing the above...all I needed to see this weekend was not one near hijacking of a plane, but two within two days of each other, both by Nigerian men and both on the same flight. 
  • So the TSA decides to throw in some quirky, new goofy rules including: You can't have anything in your lap or hands for the last hour of the flight. 
  • I failed to mention the importance of my personal routine when flying to make my flight experience as little as the A, B or C occurances mentioned above as possible. A certain magical preflight drinkable connecotion (or two), a preflight snack, music in my ears and bubble gum. If I can get to the point of sleeping, then there's a really good chance I'm home free. 
  • Take away the music in my ears and the tray for my head to sleep upon.....and it won't go well in my little mental world.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how I became such a baby when flying. I've always been that way, by the way. 
  • I'm also thinking the whole....let's keep everyone in their seat and hands clear for the last hour is goofy. If someone is actually able to get something on the plane....I'm not sure that "rule" will do much good. 
  • OK, enough for now. I think.

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