Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday...woo hoo!!!

  • One of the guys from the office took pics at xmas party and brought a CD to the office….almost every picture of me had my tongue out being silly. That drives me crazy!
  • We got a company wide email a sista out....when the owners say that "profit sharing bonus will be reduced proportionately" how much is that exactly? Should I be a little worried?
  • My girl’s are getting a Christmas present tomorrow night a little early. I'll send ya a hint at 1:00 cause my older one wants you to guess on what it is.
  • My turn to be "wheels off" in the Christmas gift shipping department. I ordered some presents ahead of time and one of them is making me very...VERY nervous because it is suppose to arrive on Christmas Eve according to the Customer Service Specialist that "helped" me out today by phone.
  • I have payroll to do today and....hopefully a safety meeting to accomplish today and I might...triple MIGHT get out of work early today.
  • Enjoy Friday.... and don't worry that we are only seven days away from have plenty of time.
  • Hey....I forgot to mention....we saw Santa on the back of the fire truck last night on the way home from work. I swear he gets nicer and nicer every year.
  • I got home late yesterday after work because I went to FOUR different places in attempt to get my station wagon inspected.

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mzchief said...

* Look on the bright side, at least you did not receive a memo informing you that you are being assessed, proportionally, for company losses...*;)

* Enjoy your early Christmas with your daughters. One of the best things about celebrating Hanukkah, when I was a child, was that it lasted a week.

* There is a place in Bridgeport, just a wee bit east of Pizza Hut on 114, that can always get right on the auto inspection and oil change, even on Saturday before 13:00.