Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Moon

Jacob played by Taylor Lautner in Stephanie Meyer's New Moon.

....as if you didn't know what the movie New Moon was, but did you know that he doesn't turn 18 until February? Yep, the little hottie that all the women are swooning over is still underage! Eek!

I took my girls to go see the New Moon movie. We went to the Movie Tavern in Bedford the Tuesday after opening weekend. The theatre was still packed for our showing. In this theatre they were six kids. I brought three and three others were brought by another woman. In fact, the other three and my three knew each other even though we were in Fort Worth instead of Wise County.

The scene where JAcob takes off his shirt to help Bella after she falls off the bike....errupts in giggles from the audience...the audience full of woman my age. Oh my, I felt a tad uncomfortable. I kid you not, there were three couples in the row behind me that met up at the theater....after the movie was over one of them stood up and said, "I'm so glad I already met my Edward!" I looked at my six year old and she actually rolled her eyes in response....that's my girl!

The movie was pretty good. It's not my favorite genre, but it's pretty good. So, now that I'm finishing writing this two weeks after I started....I still suggest you go see it. I think it was a pretty good follow up to Twilight.

Oh...and we are Team Edward (according to my daughters)....and we are almost halfway through Eclipse.

In all seriousness, my older daughter is dyslexic and just getting her to read was a huge battle not too long ago....now she's running away to read for fun. I'm a fan of Stephanie Meyer and don't mind buying the books at all. Go Twilight!

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